Ola Electric Bike: Bike after scooter, Ola is waiting to take the electric two-wheeler world by storm

Ola Electric is currently leading the electric scooter market in India. Their S1 range sold 3.29 lakh electric scooters in the last financial year 2023-24.


Which is 115% more than the previous financial year. But this time Ola is turning its attention to the battery powered motorcycle market. Although this is not the first time, Ola had started preparing to bring electric bikes long ago. Four different models were also showcased – Ola Cruiser, Ola Adventure, Ola Roadster and Ola Diamondhead. Out of which Ola has filed a design patent for the Roadster.

The design of Ola Roadster electric bike has been patented

The design patent shows the Ola Roadster to be massive and sporty in shape. Alloy wheels are accompanied by fat tyres, large USD front forks and a twin disc brake setup. Up front are sleek wraparound LED headlamps and LED blinkers.

The Ola RoadsterOla Roadster concept model features a futuristic digital instrument panel and a unique three-step seat design. On the front is the charging pod cover. Incidentally, all four Ola motorcycles are based on the same platform. It will come with the same capacity battery and mid-mounted motor.

But the range of each model may be different. Bhavish Agarwal, Co-Founder and CEO of Ola Electric, has promised great performance and world-class technology. He said these bikes will come with the most powerful electric motors in India.

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