Redmi A3x: Redmi's big surprise for the people, A3x phone is coming to India in April

Xiaomi is said to be working on a new smartphone called Redmi A3x under its Redmi brand. A report has also confirmed that this new model is coming to India. 

Although nothing is known about the specifications of the phone yet, it is expected to have the same features as the Redmi A3. The budget range Redmi A-series phones are mainly designed for general needs like communication. And the main focus is on calling, messaging and normal internet usage.

Redmi A3x is coming to this market in April

The latest Redmi A3 has the same specifications as the Redmi A2. These smartphones are designed for users who only use the phone for calls and text messages. The Redmi A-series is not a high-end smartphone lineup, the focus is on everyday use.

The Chinese brand is going to launch a new model under this series called Redmi A3X soon. It is already known that the Redmi A3x carries the model numbers “24048RN6CG” and “24048RN6CI”. The digits “2404” at the beginning of the model number refer to the current month of April. That is, this smartphone can be unveiled this month.

Also, the letters “G” and “I” at the end of the model number represent the regions where it will be sold Redmi A3x will be officially available in global market and Indian market. However, the Redmi A3x is expected to offer similar features as the original Redmi A3.

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