Nokia's popular phone that shook the market two decades ago is going to return to a new look!

HMD Global's brand-new feature phone could bring back the old taste of the iconic Nokia phone. The Finland-based mobile phone company recently hinted at the arrival of a new feature phone under the Nokia brand. 

The company also shared a promotional teaser, which revealed that they are likely working on a refreshed model of the popular Nokia 3310. Let's find out what information has emerged from this teaser.

2024 version of Nokia 3310

HMD Global shared a new teaser from their official X (formerly Twitter) account. In this official tweet, the company shared an image that shows an 8-bit version of what appears to be Nokia's feature phone. The device is seen next to a portrait of a balloon with the words “It's My Birthday” written underneath. The tweet also includes a link, which leads to an upcoming phone's birthday page Hence, the new feature phone is considered to be a new version of a classic Nokia handset.

However, the official teaser did not reveal the phone's name or any details, only a pixelated image on the official HMD website. It is believed to be the Nokia 3310 launched almost two decades ago, which was a popular iconic feature phone. The smartphone was available in bright color options, including the bright yellow color option seen in this teaser.

A few years ago, a drop test saw the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and the Nokia 3310 compete. Although the company has not revealed anything about the refresh of the Nokia 3310 at the moment, it is expected that the new update will surface soon after HMD's symbolic teaser.

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