How much does Apple, Google or Microsoft earn per second? If you know, you will fall asleep

If you were to ask how much companies like Apple or Google make on average per second, you would surely not be able to tell. And that is normal. 

So this is our report today. Let us tell you, these companies earn so much money in a second that even Ambani and Adani of India do not earn. iPhone maker Apple earns more than $1,820 or about Rs 1 lakh 48 thousand per second. Apple's one day income is 157 million dollars i.e. about 1,282 crore rupees.

How much does Microsoft earn?

Like Apple, Google and Microsoft also earn more than $100 million a day. Microsoft's income per second is 1404 dollars i.e. about 1 lakh 14 thousand taka, and Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway's income per second is 1348 dollars i.e. about 1 lakh 10 thousand taka.

Average income of people in America

The average lifetime income of a worker in the United States is $1.7 million or about 14 crore rupees. The average annual salary in the United States is $74,738 and $1,433.33 per week. This means that Apple's revenue per second is more than what a human earns in an entire week. On the other hand, alphabet (Google) earns 1,277 dollars per second i.e. about 1 lakh 4 thousand rupees and Meta earns 924 dollars per second i.e. about 75,446 rupees. In that case, Apple leads in revenue per second.

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