After TV, Thomson Wants To Respond To The Laptop Market, To Thousands Will Get A Great Laptop

After shaking the television market for a long time, Thomson is finally entering the laptop category in the Indian market. 

The popular French company recently announced that they will bring their new laptop to the market early next year. In fact, the company wants the laptop to be successful just like it manufactures and sells TVs, and so it has said that it will launch the laptop targeting three key segments – affordable, mid and premium.

As per Thomson's announcement, the company will bring the laptop in partnership with its exclusive brand licensee Super Plastics Pvt Ltd (SPPL). SPPL CEO Avneet Singh Marwah, meanwhile, has given a lot of information about the company's plans to the media.

Thomson is going to enter the laptop business, the plan is ready!

Talking about Thomson's laptop launch, Avneet Singh said that just like television, they are gearing up to create a stir in the laptop segment. Currently top-5 brands have 90 percent share in the market. In that case, the company has seen that there is a huge opportunity to increase their purchasing power in the laptop segment. According to Avneet, it is not enough that so few brands exist in a market worth around $6 billion – the Indian market should have more affordable products. Because laptop is a product that the more affordable it is, the more sales will increase.

Thomson's laptop will be available for 20 thousand rupees

Avneet also confirmed that the company will bring the laptop in three categories – entry, mid and premium. In this case, the starting price of the entry level laptop will be 20 thousand rupees. Where the price of mid segment laptop will be between 30-35 thousand rupees, and the price of premium category laptop will be 60-70 thousand rupees.

Meanwhile, Thomson will reportedly sell their laptops through Flipkart. After initially selling the laptop through online channels, it will gradually enter the offline market. And the company's laptop manufacturing work will be completed at the local level. An agreement has already been signed with a company in Noida for manufacturing. There is no confirmation yet whether the company itself will make laptops in the future.

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