You can run the fridge, fan, laptop, Wi-Fi together! Buy or Ambreen Power Hub

Smartphone has become a very important part of people's daily life. It is used not only for entertainment but also for various purposes. 

So it is very important to always have enough charge in the device. But, those who are away for long hours for work or those who travel occasionally, face a lot of problems if the device is not charged. And to solve this problem there is a power bank or power station.

If you are also looking for a power station for yourself, Ambreen has recently launched a powerful power station named Power Hub 200. Which can also charge various gadgets like your smartphone, laptop to mini fridge. It can be easily purchased from Flipkart, Amazon or the company's website for Rs 14,999.

Which devices can be charged with the Ambreen Power Hub 200?

The Ambreen Power Hub device is powered by a 60000mAh battery, which supports 200W power out. The company has designed it for people who spend a lot of time outdoors or travel. So you can charge multiple gadgets like your phone, laptop and camera with this portable device while you are out. You can even keep a mini fridge on with it.

The company claims that it can charge multiple gadgets simultaneously and the device takes 9 hours to fully charge. And after it is fully charged, a mini fridge can run for two hours, WiFi for 18 hours, a mini fan for 4 hours and a TV for 1 hour. Also, you can charge a laptop more than 2 times and a camera more than 11 times through it. And at least 5 times you can charge your iPad.

Ambreen Power Hub 200 Specifications

Fully made in India, this device comes with a 365-day warranty. It also comes with multiple charging options like USB A, QC 3.0, DC and AC. It also has a digital battery indicator, which will inform the user about the power status of the device. Apart from this, it has integrated LED and SOS torch, which can come in handy in case of emergency.

The device features multiple layers of chipset protection, which protects the device from over-charging, over-heating and short circuit issues and ensures that you can charge your devices safely. Therefore, this powerful and portable device can be easily used for indoor or outdoor activities.

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