199 Unlimited Data, Airtel's Cheapest Broadband Standard Plan Recharge Today

Airtel offers two very cheap Broadband Plans to its customers, but not many know about them. Yes, we are talking here about the Airtel Broadband Standard Plan, 

which starts at Rs.199. These plans can prove to be great for those who are getting a broadband connection for the first time or who want to get an affordable broadband connection. Let's know in detail about Airtel's Broadband Standard Plans.

Airtel's Rs 199 Broadband Standby Plan

This Rs 199 plan of Airtel offers customers unlimited data (3300 GB) with 10 Mbps internet speed. To avail the benefits of this entry level plan, the customer needs to recharge for 5 months at a time. That means the customer has to recharge with a one-time payment of Tk 1674, which includes Tk 500 installation charge and GST. And here customers will get free WIFI and landline connection for unlimited calling. Note that customers have to purchase the device required for landline connection.

Airtel's Rs 399 Broadband Standby Plan

Airtel's Rs 399 plan offers unlimited data (3300 GB) at 10 Mbps speed. However, customers will get more benefits here than the previous plan. For example, the subscriber is provided free WiFi router, Xtreme box, dedicated landline connection for more than 350 TV channels and unlimited calling. It should be noted that in this case also the customer has to buy the device required for landline connection.

Just like the Rs 199 plan, this Airtel plan also requires the customer to buy it for 5 months at a time, and make a one-time payment of Rs 3,000. Which will include installation charge of Tk 500 and GST.

Incidentally, Airtel Xtreme Fiber users can enjoy unlimited calling on both broadband standby plans and can upgrade their plan speed to Airtel Xtreme Fiber plan anytime.

Airtel's Rs 499 X stream Fiber Plan

The entry level Airtel Extreme Fiber Plan (Basic) starts at Rs.499. It offers unlimited data at 40 Mbps speed and a fixed landline connection for unlimited calling. Customers will also get access to Airtel's Thank You benefits, Extreme Premium for one year, Wink and Apelo 24/7 Circle on this plan. Moreover, it also comes with a free WiFi router.

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