Get rid of mobile scams, the new rules of the government will reveal the real identity of the caller

The day is progressing according to the rules of time, and the dependence on smartphones is also increasing. However, mobile users are also falling victim to various scams, often resulting in data theft or financial fraud. 

After repeatedly warning users against the possibility of mobile fraud, this time the central government is bringing a new rule to identify mobile scammers. In fact, the government is coming up with KYC-based systems like the popular platform True caller, through which incoming callers can be identified. In this, someone's real name and photo will be displayed on the mobile during the call. It will not even need to save the caller's name on the phone.

Government's new rules will prevent mobile fraud

Some of the features of the system that the government wants to implement are already provided in the TrueColor app. But the problem with this app is that it doesn't display the real name of the caller. This means that while True caller can identify spam calls, it cannot avoid fraud or scams. In that case, the government's new KYC-based system will avoid mobile fraud, as users will be able to see the caller's name and picture on their phone screen.

TRAI is working on developing the new system

It is learned that Telecom Regulatory Authority of India or TRAI is working on this KYC based caller ID system consulting paper. According to the company, this system will be completely new. As mentioned at the beginning, once this system is operational there will be no need to save the number to know the identity of the caller.

In fact, customers have to submit voter ID card, driving license or electricity bill details as documents to get mobile connection. And thus telecom companies get the real name, address details of customers for KYC In that case, if this information is used for everyone in the calling system, it will be quite amazing and fraud will be reduced, it can be assumed that!

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